How do I communicate to other devices using NRF24L01+?


Does any one have any example code code or reference material for making the Nano 2 communicate with devices that use the NRF24L01+?

Ideally I want to be able to update the information i send from the Nano 2 via bluetooth and then send that new information to any NRF24L01+ equipped devices near by.

I am using the Arduino IDE and I have been using the TMRh20 RF24 library for the NRF24L01+ devices.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


You might look at the following links. It’s not what you want, but maybe starting with the first setup would be easier to begin with than a more complicated multiprotocol setup on the NanoV2 board. I am assuming you don’t want two separate RF hardware stacks on the NanoV2 board.

There is a description of the multiprotocol configuration in the Nordic SoftDevice specification.