How to Access MB-N2 V2 Chip


is anyone out there has try to access this chip (MB-N2 V2), Because I have try it with using this pin using arduino IDE 1.8.4 and mbed IDE programming. Here is my configuration pin :slight_smile:

  1. Pin SDCLK with pin SDCLK MK-20
  2. Pin SWDIO with pin SWDIO MK-20
  3. Pin VDD with pin VDD MK-20
  4. Pin GND with pin GND MK-20

In the Arduino IDE 1.8.4,I’m using blink program from the example and It says that the compile and Uploading Success, like this but it doesn’t work.
Has anyone ever met the same problem or anyone has success in accessing this MB-N2 v2 chip. Thank you :tired_face: