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How to perform a buttonless OTA DFU on nRF52832


For My personal project , i would like to develop a buttonless OTA DFU on my Red Bear Nano V2 (Based on nRF52832 SoC Chip) . Im using the SDK11 and i have folloawed both of the exemple and informations provided by Nordic as decribed in the Nordic infocenter.

I have flashed the soft device


  1. Actualy, Im not able to use nRF Connect App Desktop and all Nordic Tools (nrfjprog, nrfutil, …) with My DAPLink Debugger (Particle Debbuger) !

  1. The exemple provided in Red Bear website (https://github.com/redbear/nRF5x/tree/master/nRF52832/dfu) doesn’t fit BLE Nano 2. Is there way to adapte source code ?

Question :

  1. How can resolve this issues ?

Any Help will be appreciated