How to send documents between AWS s3 and AWS ec2



We using AWS ec2 instance. On this instance, I’m resulting some files. These operations are done by user data.

Presently I need to store those documents on s3 by composing code in client information itself.

So how might I store those documents on s3?

Have any instructional exercises on it?

Thank You
Honey Asin


Auto Scaling provides you with an option to enable Auto Scaling for one or more EC2 instances by attaching them to your existing Auto Scaling group. After the instances are attached, they become a part of the Auto Scaling group.

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Auto Scaling helps you maintain application availability. Auto Scaling launches and terminates Amazon EC2 instances automatically according to user-defined policies, schedules, and alarms. You can use Auto Scaling to maintain a fleet of Amazon EC2 instances that can adjust to any presented load. You can also use Auto Scaling to bring up multiple instances in a group at one time.