I2C and Bluetooth



I would like to know if it’s possible to recover data with I2C and send them by Bluetooth (by using characteristics and service). I use BLE Nano v2. I code with Arduino 1.8.5. Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi isco-1024,
Sure. they can use simultaneously. You can refer to BLE_HRM to send data


Hi Lucian,

Thank you for your response. I have a problem when I use I2C and bluetooth simultaneously. When I use Wire.endTransmission() and Wire.requestFrom(…,…), I can´t connect to my chip with my Iphone (I use nRF connect or Lightblue). This message appear : “Connection alert Timeout interrogating the peripheral”. I would be very grateful to help me if you know a solution. I don´t know if I have a configuration problem or an other problem.


This is a i2c with BLE which worked. Did it show the I2C problem or BLE problem according to the message? Do the SCL and SCLK pin has a pull-up resistor?


Thank you very much Lucian.

I can connect the chip and my Iphone with this code. I will try to modifiy this code in order to achieve my work.
No, the SCL and SCLK no has a pull-up resistor. Indeed, when I use I2C alone, I can see my values without pull-up resistor. Do I have to add them all the same?


Hi Lucian.

I tried to modify the code i2c with ble but I have the same problem. I would to recover my data each second and then send them via bluetooth. But if I use AT24C04_ReadBytes() alone in the void loop() (with ble.waitForEvent()) or in a callback function, I can´t connect to my Iphone. I don´t understand why. Do I have to use special instruction ?

Thank you in advance.

Sensor data via BLE with Arduino IDE with Redbear Nano v2 dev kit

I have also used the HRM Example and modified it. It works good for the app. Have any of you interfaced it with Raspberry Pi. I am facing Authentication error.



thanks so much guys for answering the OP’s question! i really appreciate it a lot as i was also wondering if i can use them.
dexter, so, have you fixed the authentication error so far? thanks