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IoT pHAT not working with 8Bitdo

My iot phat arrived today, and I have set it up as per the instructions, with amended uart speed and updated firmware (0.3) The WiFi works fine, and the bluetooth seems to be working as well. However with the kickstarter I also got the 8Bitdo controller, and although I seem to be able to pair with this, I cann’t connect to it with jstest. The problem is that there is no js0 entry in /dev/input and consequently jsttest doesn’t work. (I only have event0 event1 event2 event3 mice and mouse0 in /dev/input)
Any idea how I can sort this out? (installed on a Pi2)

Try to list out the paired device and then removing the gamepad by:

[bluetooth]# paired-devices
[bluetooth]# remove AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF

and then redo the pairing from the beginning, please send me the screen shot for evaluation.

I have the same issues and have done as suggested but my issues persist. No js0 seen on rpi2 with retropie 4.4.26 installed.

Any other suggestions or link I can look through to get my 8bitdo working with the iot?


Check with this:

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