IoT pHAT + PowerBoost 500c


Looking to see if anyone has been able to run their Pi zero with a lipo with the IoT pHAT installed as well.

I had already purchased a Adafruit PowerBoost 500c. Looking to see if its fine to share the 500c 5v / GPIO pins with the IoT pHAT?

Going to have it wired up similar to this:

Let me know!


Other option is to tie into the usb power pin like used in the link below:

Essentially hook the 500c into the two pins for the power USB port. Looking for any direction.


I took a USB charger out of a bus seat and hard wired that directly to the pi zero board using the test points on the bottom.

In theory now, it’ll run off anything from a 9v PP3 up to a 24v car battery.