IoT pHAT with Raspberry Pi 3


Hello All,

I just bought a Redbear IoT pHAT, I wanted to use it with Raspberry Pi 3. I looked at the instructions on Github IoT_pHAT. I have also searched the forums there are some unanswered posts, so I wanted to check if IoT pHAT will work with Raspberry Pi 3?


After updating the eeprom from I was able to get the bluetooth working. The WIFI however is still not detected, are there any drivers I need to install? Any help would be appreciated…


Chances are you’ve not disabled the Onboard wifi and as it uses the SDIO interface on the Pi, it’s blocking access to the wifi on the IOT pHAT, there’s only two SD controllers on the Pi, and one is used for the SD card slot, the other for the onboard wifi, the second one support SDIO, the first does not, you cannot connect and use two SDIO devices at the same time.