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IoT pHAT without soldered connector?


disregard this post.


They already have that option. The RedBear Pledge Portal where you confirmed what you wanted had an option for a IoT pHAT without the header soldered. If you want to preorder more IoT pHATs then you can get one without the header soldered on at https://store.redbear.cc/product/iot-phat-45.html


Ahh, thanks, I feel dumb, been so long since i pledged.


I was going to do what you did though with the Pi Zero. I forgot to order one without a header and couldn’t be bothered to unsolder that 40 pin header however.

I was going to just solder a regular 2x20 pin header to IoT pHAT then slide the Pi Zero all the way down the header so you can solder it from the top. The plastic base of the header would then provide the necessary gap between the IoT pHAT and the bottom of the Pi Zero. I hadn’t decided whether I was going to trim the pins or not. You’ll lose access to the antenna socket but if that is okay then the resulting stack is very compact.


Can I suggest that RedBear supplies a 40 way socket with long pins as an option, so that additional i/o cards can be stacked on top of the pHAT. I couldnt find any reference to that elsewhere, apart from discussion of what pins are available.

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@tony1tf I think that is a great idea.
I have ordered a couple of protozeros (see here: http://www.protoboards.co.uk/2016/01/protozero.html ) but that won’t be a compact solution…


this is what i get,

from my searches it is best price for u.s. vendor. the header itself is not the highest quality but is acceptable.


That’s a good solution. You can also cut the pins that are used by IoT pHat and leave only the ones that are free from raspi