IoTpHAT v1.0 and PiZero v1.2 no Bluetooth


I have an IoTpHAT hardware version v1.0 running eeprom v0.3.
I’m using a Raspberry PiZero v1.2 running the latest version of Raspian Stretch.

I got the WiFi working, but bluetooth isn’t recognized. The GUI says “No Bluetooth Adapter Found”. I’ve tried following the eeprom update directions, but I get stopped at the very first line:
“Change the current path to eeprom/bin first.”
There is no eeprom directory with a bin directory in it. I’ve used find to search the whole computer. No directory by that name. No to run. So what next?

Does anyone have some more explicit directions? Obviously, I’m missing something they thought beneath mentioning.



You need to install the software containing the directory in question…do you still need assistance?


Check out the code from github first, you can find it at: