Iphone / android app for wiced applications



Can we use the iphone / android app (shown on github page) within wiced applications?

Also, I checked the redbear app in google play, and found two apps but they don’t seem to be the same with the app screenshots on github? Can you please tell me where I can find it?




Hi @riforifo,

The App for configuring WiFi credentials only works with Particle applications and the App for Android is not yet released. WICED applications usually use a config AP for configuring WiFi credentials or you can define your own protocol in your application to accept credentials and call the DCT relevant APIs to store it in DCT.



Hello GuoHui

thanks for the answer. Is it possible to get the source code for the iphone application? I can then try changing its source code so that it will work with WICED applications too?

if this is not possible, can you please point me to other Apps where I can get a working example and start working on it.

thank you


That App for iOS particularly suits the protocol defined by Particle. If you want to migrate this App for WICED application, then you should implement the protocol in your application as well. It’s a little complex and I would not suggest you to do such a lot of work.

I don’t know exactly what Apps may work for you, but as long as the App implements the TCP/IP communication, then you can refer to it to send credentials to WICED application and store it to DCT. The protocol for transmitting credentials can be defined by yourself, secured or plain text for example.

Also, you can refer to the config-AP example in WICED SDK to implement an HTTP client on your iOS/Android device to send HTTP request to configure credentials. This is a much easy way to achieve your target and you nedd NOT to do much work on the WICED application side, since many examples in the SDK related to WiFi have implemented this protocol for user to configure credentials.



thanks a lot GuoHui!

I will do as you suggest.


i want to wifi config with bluetooth. For this, Is the app available? or should i add btstack in to my wiced application?
how do i.


@abdulah-keskin, The App is capable of configuring credentials via Bluetooth only for the Particle applications. To use the App for configuring credentials in WICED applications, you need to implement the same protocol in your application as in Particle application. You need not to add btstack to WICED, since the WICED SDK offers a close source Bluetooth stack (Classic and BLE). There are several examples in the WICED SDK for demonstrating the usage of BLE, e.g, ble_proximity_reporter.


I am wondering, for the iphone app, would it be too difficult to just replace the protocol to a simpler one?
I think I have 2 options now,

  1. Start from scratch and build an iphone / android app for configuring wiced
  2. start from the iphone app that you guys have prepared and change its protocol

what do you think?


I would prefer the opt.2. I have simply implemented the protocol for command line program, known as DuoSetupCLI. Not perfect, but hope it helps.



Hello Guohui,

Great! thanks for the tip. So if I am not wrong, I will take DuoSetupCli as a base for my mobile app. I will change the tcp /ip based communication to bluetooth and port the rest of the code to iphone or android.

One more thing, is it also possible to see the source code for the iphone app that you guys have prepared?



I will let you know if the Duo App source code is available on GitHub ASAP. :wink:


What about a https://mobile-phone-tracker.org mobile recorder? How we can use it ?


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@riforifo You can use daemons/device_configuration library to enable a software access point. It also have WPS support.

If you define DNS_REDIRECT_ALL_QUERIES at your *.mk file, then all web addresses will be redirected to device. For ex:


You can find example usages at demo/appliance, snip/config_mode and some other examples. Just search for wiced_configure_device.



thanks a lor for the pointer


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