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iPhone app for IoT pHAT


Hi there, I’m still waiting for my IoT pHAT to be delivered, but in the meantime I’m wondering if anyone has managed to find a way to communicate with a RasPi+IoT pHAT over Bluetooth using an iPhone app?

For an example of what I mean, I have found this app, which allows you to create a custom interface on the iPhone for sending and receiving Bluetooth messages to a ‘LightBlue Bean’, which is a BLE dev board for the Arduino (i.e. very similar to what the IoT pHAT is for the RasPi, except just BLE).

Anyway, it could be that this app will just work with the IoT pHAT, I will give it a try when mine arrives, but wondering if anyone else has explored this already?


I’m looking for the same thing. Did you check the app out yet? Did you try RedBear duo? I’m using SIMBLE from RF Digital with their iPhone app and it has been very successful but I specifically need the Zero for some audio projects and control with an iphone or android device would be extremely useful.