Is Blynk compatible with RedBearDuo now?


Does anyone know if the DUO and RBLink are Blynk compatible from the get go :slight_smile:


sorry ignore my post, got it working. brilliant product!!


Hi @greenlab, please mark this topic as [RESOLVED]. Thank you so much and enjoy your Duo!! :blush:



Hi, I’m trying to find RedBear Duo in Blynk App hardware list, but I can’t find it.
So does Blynk App support RedBear Duo?


I just used the ‘Arduino’ setting and it worked for me.


Can you give a little more detail on what you selected? I’ve tried quite a few different permutations, and I’m still having trouble targeting the nano 2. Which BLE library did you use? Did you use some of the simple library calls for communication, or were you using the fully blinkyblink stack?