Is DFUService availabe for BLE Nano 2?


Hi all,
Is there a way to enable “DFUService”( for OTA ) in Arduino?

I am using BLE Nano v2 with Arduino 1.8.5, on Mac.
However, Arduino IDE cannot compile when I write DFUService class.
Arduino sample code is below:
#include <nRF5x_BLE_API.h>
#include “ble/services/DFUService.h”

BLE                            ble;
DFUService               *dfuService;

And, I checked DFUService.h file, I saw below:
#ifdef TARGET_NRF51822 /* DFU only supported on nrf51 platforms */
/User/[username]/Library/Arduino15/packages/RedBear/hardware/nRF52832/0.0.2/cores/RBL_nRF52832/FEATURE_BLE/ble/services/DFUSerivce.h )

I think BLE Nano 2 can use DFUService on mBed(I saw in this forum), Arduino cannot do it?

If anyone has solution, please tell me.


The bootloader includes the utility of OTA after it shipped out and you can burn bootloader in Arduino. Also, you can follow DFU using Master Control Panel


I will check your link.