Is it possible to improve the recuperation of data


I work on a project using Redbear BLE Nano v2. I send data in a characteristic with BLE Nano every 10ms and I can receive all data with LightBlue app on my Iphone 6. I achieved a Python script who allows me to connect my pc with BLE Nano and read the characteristic (I use a dongle Bled112 created by Silicon Labs).
However, I can’t receive all data without loss (min connection et max connection are set to 7.5ms using “sudo hcitool lecup”).
Is it possible to improve the recuperation of data ?


Hi gracylayla,
We provide the support to develop in Arduino but no in the way of python. You can modify the min connection to 100ms and max connection to 1s and have a try.


A problem might be, that your pc is doing other things than receiving your data. Desktop OSs have no realtime capability so if there are other more important tasks to do, they will be preferred and your data get lost. But I really don’t know if this is relevant when talking about 10ms and I also don’t know the BLED112, maybe it already contains a buffer to prevent these kind of problem.


Now that you say it, I will take it completely into account.