Is it possible to put the IoT pHAT into pairing mode?


Hello RedBear!

I am looking at using the IoT pHAT for my Raspberry Pi Zero project. However, the project requires that the user connect their bluetooth device to the Pi Zero. Is it possible to have the bluetooth device (say a computer or smart phone) find the IoT pHAT and connect to it without having to run the commands to connect to a bluetooth device from the Raspberry Pi Zero?

Ideally, I would like to solder a switch to the Raspberry Pi so that when the user presses it, the IoT pHAT is put into pairing mode so their phone/computer can discover it.

Is this even possible? Thanks in advance! I look forward to using your product!


Sorry for missing your post. It is possible, but it is not easy to say here, but you can find out the information from Google, for example, you can make a Bluetooth A2DP speaker using the IoT pHAT + Pi Zero, so your iPhone can pair it and transfer music to it.