Issues with BLE Nano 2 analog pins


I’m working on a pressure sensor that I’ve made and I was testing the analog pins on Nano 2 earlier today and noticed not all of them seem to be working.

// Analog channels:
// A3 - works, resting value around 170(find out why)
// A0 - doesn’t work, resting value around 900(find out why)
// A1 - doesn’t work, gives random chars
// A2 - works partially, have to press REALLY hard to get to 500 value
// A5 - doesn’t work, gives sporadic values
// A4 - doesn’t work, stuck on 1023

This is the basic rundown and my notesof the pins, I’m following the picture on if anyone is wondering.

The sensor works on all pins on Arduino Uno/Due so what am I missing? I’m connecting power to VIN, ground through a 10k pullup to GND and a wire to one of the analog pins.


What type of pressure sensor is it, and what does your circuit look like?