Library reference for BLE Nano 2


I bought two BLE Nano V2 radios two days ago and they work as expected. I’ve had some experience with Arduino boards so I feel more comfortable working in the Arduino IDE. The examples I’ve tried work well and I have no complaints so far, the thing now is, I can’t create my own code because all of the functions and methods used in the examples are complicated to me. How will I know what function does what? what parameters to use? when to use them?
Don’t you have a reference guide for the BLE API? or some page that explains how all the code works?
I’ve tried this page and I’ve gotten just a little from it. Isn’t there any other page I can look for more information on this?
Thank you!


Hi, I am in the same situation as you. I realize it has been a year since your post, but did you happen do come across anything that helped you out?