Map the TX and RX UART lines to any pin



Can I map the TX and RX UART lines to any pin I want to use? I need to send AT command, I tried to use the softwareserial library but it does not accept in arduino IDE. Is there any specific library that I can use or map TX / RX as Serial.begin and use OTA instead of DAPlink with UART?

Only this detail is missing in my project, I would be very grateful for the answer because

Thank you.



Hi @rcunha,

Which board are you using? BLE Nano or BLE Nano2?

The sketch is uploaded over DAPLink through the SWD interface, instead of the UART. If you keep pull the D5 to low during power up, the Nano will stay in the bootloader for OTA firmware update.

Regarding the map of the UART pins, try using the Serial.begin(const uint32_t BaudRate, uint32_t rx_pin, uint32_t tx_pin).

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