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MB-N2 module only the Blinky code works but no ble applications


I have bought few MB-N2 modules, and was building a custom beacon board. I followed your reference schematic.
I am able to detect the chip using the nRF52840 DK.
I am able to flash the Blinky code that comes with Nordic SDK. It works fine. All Okay
But, when I try flashing the ble_app_beacon code. It is getting flashed the advertisement led gets HIGH. But, nothing is getting advertised. I see nothing in my nRFconnect app.
I have added all the inductors and a crystal of 32.768 kHz (9pf ±20ppm) from Epson (FC-135).


Did you also load the SoftDevice with your hex file?


I use segger embedded studio to flash codes. It by default first flashes the soft device and then the application program. But, it is still not working yet.


I am not sure what was going wrong with the Segger Embedded Studio but I would suggest you to use Arduino IDE to test first, remember to load the Bootloader (a menu item to do so) to the module and then load one of the BLE examples to see if it works or not.