Missed my device id


please, I missed the opportunity to save my device id when I was setting it up is there any way of getting it? and it doesn’t work when I reset it.


Hi @belo, reproduce below steps to retrieve your Duo’s device ID:

  1. Connect the Duo to your PC.
  2. Hold the SETUP button for three seconds, until the RGB LED begins blinking blue.
  3. Setup the serial terminal and retrieve the device ID: https://github.com/redbear/Duo/blob/master/docs/out_of_box_experience.md#using-serial-terminal

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Hi guohui,
I tried following your steps but it doesn’t go into listening mode. it blinks magenta, then yellow, the green, then white, then turns off and blue LED by the reset button is constantly on.


Sorry for my ignorance. I should told you hold the button after the Duo power up, not holding the button when reset occurred. What you have done gets the Duo into the factory reset mode, it clears all of WiFi credentials, device private key and overwrites your current sketch by a factory reset sketch.

But the odd thing is your Duo should stay in the listening mode after you performing a factory reset, while it didn’t. Please upload a simple blink sketch to the Duo to verify if the system firmware is broken or not.

Looking forward to you response.


I figured out the problem the bootloader was broken for some reason I had to restore back to factory default


Please read this notice to avoid breaking the bootloader.