Modifying BLE_Central example to communicate with Simplechat example



I want to modify BLE Central Example to communicate with simple chat example. I can see data being communicated using BLE_HRM with BLE_ Central,

But I wish to communicate with Simple chat example.

Hardware I am using Blend2 and Nano2.

Looking Forward for prompt response.


Hi @engrkhawaja,

First of all, you should get the board package installed . And then look into the SimpleChat and BLE_CentralTest examples. I can’t suggest what you should until you actually meet problems in development.

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Hi @guohui

I already have installed the package and as I clearly mentioned, I have tested the BLE HRM example with BLE Central and I can see data coming from HRM to Central Device.

When I use Simple Chat Example, Central does connects to SimpleChat Device, but data is not sent from SimpleChat Device to Central Device.

I wish if you can try out the example and update me if it works or not.

Looking Forward for prompt response,


Hi @engrkhawaja,

You just ought not only upload the SimpleChat example without any modification to achieve what you expect. The examples there are for function demonstration purpose only and users are supposed to do some modification to suit their application.

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