Nano V2 ADC pins miss-labelled in docs/pins_arduino.h


V0.0.2 of Redbear Nano V2, has
#define A4 D5
#define A5 D4
in BLE_Nano2\pins_arduino.h
However the board diagram on
show A4 == D4 and A5 == D5
please correct either the diagram or the header file

BLE Nano kit v2

Hi @drmpf,

You’re genius! We will fixe it in the next board package version. For now, just follow the definition in pins_arduino.h, i.e.:

#define A4 D5
#define A5 D4

, despite of the diagram on Github.

Best regards,


It might be more compatible to just change the github diagram and then existing circuits (like mine) will work with the next board package version