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Noobs 2.0.0


Hello everyone,

NOOBS 2.0.0 has been released, it has a new GUI and looks good. We tested it with the IoT pHAT and it works just fine, kindly please let us know if you have any problems.



Yes, I have problems getting IoT_pHAT working with NOOBS as noted here:

Iot_pHAT & NOOBS and

When you state it works with NOOBS 2.0.0, do you mean it works with the new Raspbian Jessie that NOOBS installs, or do you mean it actually works with the NOOBS recovery program and can be used to install other operating systems by downloading them over the IoTpHat wifi?

NOOBS does not have a new GUI, so I assume you are talking about Raspbian Jessie with the new PIXEL desktop scheme, and I know it works with this. But I cannot get it working with NOOBS, the wlan0 does not show up.

I have forked the NOOBS recovery program to create PINN, to which I have added several wifi drivers to enhance it. I understood the IoT_pHAT should use the existing Broadcom drivers that are used for the RPi 3B, but for some reason these drivers do not seem to load with the IoT_pHAT.

Could you please confirm that you mean the IoT_pHAT works with the NOOBS Recovery program. If so, I would like to see a dmesg trace of NOOBS starting up to see what is the difference with my setup.
If not, I am quite willing to modify NOOBS/PINN to get it working - I just need to understand why it is not working.


We will check it again, thank you for your information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


We download from this URL:


It works with the new Raspbian Jessie installed using NOOBS.


That works for me too, but it is not answering my question.
I will try to make it simple.
Please download noobs-lite from this URL:


This version is the same but it DOES NOT include Raspbian.
When you boot noobs-lite, click on the wifi icon and try to set up the IoT_pHAT to connect to your wifi SSID and enter your password.
noobs-lite SHOULD then display a list of operating systems that it can download from the internet.
Click on RASPBIAN to use your IoT_pHAT to download Raspbian and install it to your SD card.

Please tell me how you get on, because on my version the wifi icon is greyed out and I cannot set up the wifi in NOOBS with the IoT_pHAT.

Please look at https://github.com/raspberrypi/noobs#wifi-networks for more information on what I am trying to achieve and some screenshots of what it should look like.

Now do the same thing with a RPi3B with its built in wifi that uses the same chipset as the IoT_pHAT - it works.

Like I said previously, it seems that the NOOBS kernel is missing something that is present in the Raspbian Kernel to be able to detect or load the wifi driver for this IoT_pHAT. I can add this to NOOBS / PINN but I need your help to tell me what is missing. Hopefully if you follow the above instructions you will understand the problem.


IoTpHAT is now supported in NOOBS v2.1 and my PINN fork of NOOBS as well. https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=142574


Thanks for your sharing, @procount