Notification received once and then no response


After upgrading the firmware of Redbear duo to v0.3.2, the BLE notification was received once from the client side and then stopped no matter i sent other strings from the Serial Monitor. No problem was found on firmware v0.2.4.

The SimpleChat.ino was uploaded to the redbear duo, the client side was Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 running “nRF Connect” to test and log the BLE communication as well. Please kindly refer to the attached screenshots.


Would you please suggest any solution for this issue? Thank you very much!



Hi @wkch,

Please upgrade the board package to 0.3.2 as well and then upload the SimpleChat.ino again. If it didn’t work, try downgrading the system firmware to 0.3.1. There are so many changes within the system firmware v0.3.2, I’m not sure if this is a common issue for 0.3.x or for 0.3.2 only.



Hi guohui,

Downgrading the system firmware to 0.3.1 solve the problem.
Thank you very much!!