nRF52832 Nano 2



I bought 2 units from makerHug -
I register the 2 unit in your site

I’m still waiting for a package from SparkFun, I bought 1 unit of Nano 2 and 1 unit of Nano 2 kit.

I ordered the nano 2 to connect them to the system I am currently building based on adafruit feahter M0 lora. (I add several components to the feahter.)

At first it was important for me to make an attempt with arduino uno to Check if the component works.

I tried to connect the Nano 2 to arduino UNO by wire (I2C) and try to scan the i2c address (NO I2C FOUND), secondly I tried to connect through UART.

Is it possible to connect the Nano 2 directly to arduino? (without DapLink use).

This is actually the last unit I need to connect so please can I get help.




hi elivb,
it is ok to connect the Nano2 directly to arduino. you should confirm the accuracy of the connection of wire. I just made a communication directly throngh UART using rx, tx, gnd, vcc.