OTA capable?


Does this device allows you to perform over the air updates?

OTA update from Arduino IDE

As of now, via Particle cloud, yes. Via arduino ide, no (though it is planned in the future).


Hi @lygrok, For now you can use the Particle cloud to OTA update firmware or application – You’ll need to install Particle-CLI if you want to upload the binaries on your local system. Alternatively, we just released a beta version of DuoSetupCLI, which enable you run it from command line to set up the Duo. Besides, we are actually working hard on developing the iOS and Android app for Duo.



Any updates? I’m interested in OTA updates as well.



Since wiced sdk support OTA, aren’t we already capable of OTA updates with Redbear DUO? Do I miss something?


Hi folks - any update on this? I need OTA support for potentially hundreds of devices, but don’t want to pay the Particle Cloud ongoing fees. Thanks!


Dan Walkes of Trellis Logic might have something more palatable:

We’re currently licensing his OTA solution for our project.


The DuoSetupCLI does support firmware update locally using WiFi. Checkout the source here: https://github.com/redbear/DuoSetupCLI

If you want to port this source code to mobile apps, follow the protocol that documented here:

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