Pairing difficulties (Nano V2 - BLE_Serial - Arduino IDE)


Dear All,

I have pairing difficulties with the red bear Nano v2.0.
I correctly uploaded the BLE_Serial exemple and the “TXRX” appears on some of my computers (only recent ones).

But when I try to pair the devices there is only time-out.

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance,


do the main three examples work (the ones with modes on the app)?

  • The 3 of them compile.
  • I succeed to upload them to the nano2.
  • The BT “SSID” appears well.
  • No connection is possible with my computer or my phone (no passwd asked just denial)

Any idea ?


I found problems with ble controller but not the others work fine - no passwords necessary but good first steps include:
are you using the BLEcontroller app? if no try it
delete everything and re-install (helped me)
that’s all I can think of

hope this helps


Hi Laurent,

I am also unable to pair the NanoV2 with my Android 7.0 smart phone using any of the BLE_Examples in Arduino 1.8.5. For example, by changing SimpleChat.ino as follows the NanoV2 shows up in Available Devices, but attempts to pair time-out. Scanning and connecting to TXRX seems fine via Nordic’s nRF Connect Android app.

ble.accumulateAdvertisingPayload(GapAdvertisingData::BREDR_NOT_SUPPORTED | GapAdvertisingData::LE_GENERAL_DISCOVERABLE); 

Have you made any progress with this problem or is RBL tech support still engaged?



Hi Rob,

No progress.
I had to fall back to classical HC-06 module sadly.

Good luck,


You don’t need to do pairing for BLE since the sketch does not use any pairing feature. Just use the BLE Controller App to scan and connect it.


Thanks for this clue.

But it is THE problem: I do need pairing and data transfert to a computer not a phone.
I probably didn’t choose the right product for my needs.
I needed a bluettoth interface.

Many thanks and best wishes for 2018


I have the same problem.
I load BLE_Control and SimpleControl on my Nano v2 using Arduino IDE.
I downloaded the app from google play but I have problem in pairing my android device with the nano v2.
If I don’t pair them, I cannot use the app.
What can we do?