Particle Product Support?


Hello ReadBear team. We love your duo, and are ramping up to go to market at scale, with one issue. We’re using Particle and Duo is not officially supported as a Product. BlueZ and other competitors are…

I checked with Particle and they said it’s the responsibility of the hardware vendor to enable support? Is this true, and is Product support on your roadmap?

Thanks for any update you can provide.


Particle is our launching partner for RedBear Duo. The Duo is installed with customized Particle firmware by default during manufacturing.

Please check our Getting Started with Particle.


Thanks Chi. Because of this work we are able to get the Duo working with the Particle cloud very quickly!

In addition to this Particle supports the concept of a Product. It let’s you manage customers, firmware across many devices, etc. Here is a screenshot of the product creation dialog in Particle. Note that RedBear Duo is not listed.


We really need to use this feature to scale out our project, and picked Particle and RedBear because of their ease of connectivity and feature sets. I contacted Particle and they said the hardware provider (RedBear) is responsible for adding ‘Product’ support. Is this accurate to your knowledge? Is this on your roadmap?


Agreed this needs support. I did contact Particle about this, here was their reply:

It is not currently possible to create a product based on the RedBear Duo at this time.

It not that it’s impossible, but there is work involved and there hasn’t been a significant desire for support, so it hasn’t been prioritized yet.

So it’s sort of more unclear if it’s Particle or Redbear’s job.