Passkey Security on DUO



I wondered if it was possible to implement BLE secure connections on the DUO like the following example:

  • Set duo up as a peripheral
  • Set Passkey on DUO BLE = 123456
  • Connect to duo using passkey
  • Connection requests with incorrect passkey are ignored

This would make the DUO a secure iot ble device, at the moment I cannot find any way to make a secure connection between a phone and a DUO.



Hi @elijthomas,

What you want to BLE is so called Security Manager. I’m sorry to tell you the truth that we haven’t migrate the bounding/pairing functionality from BTStack. :frowning:



Hi @guohui,

Do you know if there is any work in the pipeline to migrate the security manager?

We are looking at using the redbear in a commercial application (1000 - 10,000 units) , which would require BLE security




I would like first to discuss with our software team and give you the confirmation ASAP.


Thanks @guohui

We would also be interested to know about bulk pricing, if you can email me on [email protected] it would be greatly appreciated.


That’s out of my reach. You can email to [email protected] for this kind of help. Thanks!


Hi @guohui, what did the software team have to say ?




Hi @elijthomas, We are not going to implement the paring/bounding functionalities in the near future since lack of resources. Other internal projects will come first. What a pity… :sob:



Is it implemented yet or not?