Possible to disable Bluetooth to free up serial pins?


I’d like to give my pi zero wifi access using the IoT pHAT, but I’d like to use the serial pins for some other purpose. Is there any way that I can disable bluetooth such that I can use the serial pins for another purpose?

Or failing that, would there be any problems if they were shared? ie, can the pi and the bluetooth be allowed to control the same connected device?


The TXD and RXD pins cannot be shared with other devices at the same time. A simple way to disable the Bluetooth is to cut the switches (RXD and TXD) on the back.

After that, you need to release the UART by:
$ sudo systemctl disable hciuart

You can then try to short TXD to RXD and use some serial tools to do loopback test to see if it works.


Do you mean, cut the tracks leading to the RXD and TXD pins on the IoT pHAT?

A way to do this in software/firmware config would be appreciated!