Powering BLE Nano 2 with powerbank (for telephone) on breadboard



I am really fresh in to the Arduino game and got my hands on a BLE Nano 2 for a project that I am doing.
Currently, I want to make a test to read out a potentiometer through a analog input and send it over BT to my android phone.
Therefore I was thinking to put the BLE nano 2 on a breadboard and power the breadboard with an old powerbank (for charging a smartphone) that I’ve got. This powerbank has an output of 5V-1000mA.I also have a 2000mA powerbank, but if possible I prefer to use the 1000mA one.

Do you think this is a safe and working set up?



5V input is not allowed for Nano2 which you can refer to Nano2


Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

It is shown in the link that the Vin port on the Nano 2 allows 3.5 to 13 volts.


yeah, 5v from VIN will be converted to 3.3V through LDO.


its safe. u can put a 13v and it works perf