RedBear BLE Micro


I connect the RedBear BLE Micro to my PC (Windows 10) with the USB Cable.
The CPU Power up and when I push the reset button, I saw the Led Blinking for few second.
I was able to connect my Android Mobile to the Bluetooth of the BLE Micro
But the PC don’t recognize the BLE Micro.
Even when I take out the USB cable and Put it in again, the PC don’t recognize that I connect new USB device
Can some one help me to find out the Root Cause



Hi @yoavwe,

Have you installed the driver for Blend Micro?

Best regards,


Hello Guohui
Yes, i installed the Windows driver from;
and its dont working.
As i saw it, the PC dont recognize the Blend Micro at all.
Any idea why?


Hi @yoavwe,

I will get a Blend Micro and try it on Win10.

Did the device manager of your computer have any response when plugin the Blend Micro? Or stay silence?



Hi Guohui

No response, no notice about plugin nothing



Not even an unrecognized device detected?


Nothing :frowning_face:



Hi @yoavwe,

Kindly contact [email protected] for further support.

@chi, please follow up this case.




Hi @yoavwe,

Please confirm that the USB cable you were using is capable of data exchange.

Best regards,


The USB cable is the original cable that we got from RedBear
So it should be data exchange


How about connect other micro USB devices to you computer using this cable to see if those devices is recognized by the device manager?


Yes, i did it and it is working