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I have a project in mind but I think I need some asistant to select the correct product.

Basically I need to develop an iOS app that sends info to an external device (one of you modules) via Bluetooth The board must turn on a light changing the color (Red, Blue, Green, Orange…) depending of the info that the phone is sending to the board. Thats why I thought in your products because it has Arduino+ Bluetooth integrated.

The scheme is:

Phone — Bluetooth —> (Redbear Board) —> LED & power for the board

When I thought about the project the last year I saw your Blend Micro (1st Generation module) but now is currently sold out. I like this version because it is compatible with iOS7 & Mac OSX and I though I could place a LED bulb.

Ideally the device should be integrated so I need the smallest board as possible to integrated in plastic capsule with the light bulb (LED).

My current hardware is:

  • iPhone 6s
  • MacBookPro with MacOSX Sierra

Could someone please answer me with the different options I have?

With the scope of the project in mind could someone please answer me the following questions please?

1- What kind of external power can I use for the board?

2- Can I develop the iOS app and control the board with my phone?

3- It is compatible with Bluetooth 4 too? (I saw in the website that has Bluetooth 5, I wonder the backward compatibility)

4- Are there any simulator for these motherboards or can I use Arduino simulator instead?

5- Do they have support? What kind of programming language API´s support?

Kind regards, Cesar.


Yes, you can use the BLE Nano 2 for your project. You can find out from this link:

You may need the following items:

  1. BLE Nano 2 (BLE 4.0 compatible and you can write Arduino code for it)
  2. DAPLink (for you to upload firmware)
  3. Protoboard (for you to connect grove modules, e.g. button, RGB light, sensor, etc.)

For your questions:

  1. USB or with the Protoboard, you can use a coin cell battery
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Sorry, no.
  5. Hardware trouble shooting support via the Ticketing system. Software support via this community forum. If you have a big volume order, RedBear can assign an engineer to work with you.