RedBear Duo as a HomeKit BLE device


We are working on a project with RedBear Duo board using WICED HomeKit SDK. We are using WICED Studio MFI. We need to configure our RedBear Duo board as a HomeKit device with BLE transport. I could find WICED SDK patch only for 43xxx_Wi-Fi projects and it is working. But the sample codes in this project are only for configuring the device as a WiFi transport HomeKit device. But I need to configure the RB duo as BLE transport HomeKit device. There are also some projects like 20706-A2, 20735-B0 and 20719-B0 in SDK and it contains some sample codes for a BLE supported HomeKit device. Can I run this code in my board ? Each project shows only few boards as valid platforms. Is there any way to run it in our board also? Is there any patch available for that? Please help.