RedBear Duo as BLE scanner for beacon


Hi all, i have this problem: I need to scan for beacons. I was thinking to use the readbear duo as beacon scanner. Is it possible to do it? If yes, are there any examples? Thanks all.


Yes, it’s possible. There is no such an exact example to scan iBeacons, but here is an example to demonstrate scanning BLE devices: To scan iBeacons, you just need to parse the advertising data in scan callback. If the advertising data comply with the iBeacon format, then it is an iBeacon. Here is an example of an iBeacon advertising data:



Thank you very much!!! I was able to detect nearby iBeacons but i can’t extract their info(like major/minor number, UUID etc). I was trying to parse the received data but i can’t print the right information. Do you have any advice for me? Thank you again.