Redbear Duo goes to listening mode on its own after a random time


I am using Webserverblescanner example, and have uploaded the programmed in 50 devices which are connected to my Access Point. Initially, all the devices are connected to the access point and sending the data but after a few hours some of the devices lose the connection to the access point and goes to the listening mode and never comes back until I restart their power source. We have used the external antennae for the Duo as prescribed in the forum how to use the external antennae with the modification needed in the duo by removing the two components.


Hi @devkumar,

So I assume that you know how it behaves when it is in the Listening Mode, i.e. the RGB is blinking blue.

What is the firmware version of your Duos? And whether every device produces this issue?

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Yes, every device produces the same issue but at a random time.


So what is the firmware version running in your Duos?


system firmware version: 0.3.1


That’s odd. I’ll look into this and get back once I figure out the problem.



Hi @devkumar,

I have just upgraded my Duo to v0.3.2 and run the WebServerBLEScanner for almost 8 hours. It didn’t produce this issue.


I am not saying that this happens to every duo, but I have deployed around 50 Duo and this problem happens only when they are in Bulk.


Then it’s hard for me to produce this issue. I would suggest you to upgrade the system firmware to 0.3.2 on several Duos and run it for a long period to see if it happens again.