RedBear Duo RGB Led keeps flashing Blue


Hi Team,
I am trying to get started with my Duo, I use MAC Pro to program my Duo
As I connect my Duo RGB Led keeps flashing Blue

I try to program the Duo with Blink using Arduino IDE, programing does fine; but i do not see any change,
tried with BLE SimpleChat and tested with the RedBear Android SimpleChat application; BLE is not detected but the RGB Led Keeps flashing Blue

I checked the fw version connecting to WiFi, below is the json output
{“release string”:“0.3.1”,“bootloader”:5,“system part1”:9,“system part2”:9,“user part”:10}

Please help if i am missing any steps, I bought this board to work on a BLE Project

~Thank you


Hi msrajanadar,
the blink code is for the LED connected to the D0 and D7 pins, try the RGB example, it controls the led on the device.

I have the same issue with RGB example using on Arduino IDE on mac.
The versions are 1.8.5 for IDE, 0.3.2 for uploader, 0.3.1 software version on redbear. the program compiles, then uploads, the LED goes purple (red?), then yellow(green?), and then starts blinking blue. What am I doing wrong?


When the RGB is blinking blue, it means that the Duo is in the Listening mode, in which you need to configure WiFi credentials. To skip connecting the Duo to WiFi, add SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL); on the top of your sketch. See here. Besides, make sure the board package version is equal to the firmware version of the Duo is running.



I’ve installed Redbear Duo app on my iPhone, updated the firmware via the app to 0.3.2 and set up the wifi, and my redbear duo immideately started working properly. Thanks for the help


Thanks a lot for your support I am able to get started