RedBear Duo SSID SoftAP Power Cut Issue



I changed de SSID SoftAP with this commands:

redBear Duo : dfu-util -d 2b04:d058 -a 1 -s 1826 -D ssid_prefix

We have around 20 devices around Mexico, 3 of them presents the same problem, once a power cut happened the SSID it resets to REDBEAR_XXX

I dont know how it happen, the command overwrites the suffix right on the origin of the memory.

Any idea?


Are you sure that it is not the “Duo-xxxx”?

Sorry, I don’t understand what it means.


Sorry! I did not explain myself well.

I changed the prefix with the command “redBear Duo : dfu-util -d 2b04:d058 -a 1 -s 1826 -D ssid_prefix”, it worked for me.

There is around 20 devices deployed around mexico, 3 of them presented the same issue over the same conditions.

On the 3 cases, there was a power cut. Once the device powered on again, the SSID prefix resets to DUO_XXX.

This causes that our app does not works for set wifi credential because it cant find the device net.


I see. Do they always produce this issue? How about performing a hardware reset by pressing the reset button instead of a power cut? And what is the firmware version those 3 Duos are running?