RedBear is becoming a part of the Particle Family!


In case you are not aware, the whole RedBear team has joined Particle.

Particle welcomes RedBear Labs to the team | Particle Blog…/particle-acquires-redbear-for-h…/

All RedBear Duo and Nano hardware will continue to be available through Q1 2019, and supported through Q3 2019.

To read more on other product timelines, visit our FAQ page



Your home page indicates that the BLE Nano V2 should still be for sale, but I can’t find anyone that has them in stock, or they only have one or two available. Sparkfun as stopped selling them and lists them as retired.Your own store has them OUT OF STOCK.

So, are you going to have any of these for sale, or is the commitment to make/sell them through 1Q2019 incorrect?

I just finished prototyping a project and now I am unable to deploy because I can’t get parts!!!


We are conducting final QC on a new batch, expecting to be on our online store around June 15th.


I wait with anticipation … I will need ~30 of the BLE Nano V2 parts.


Thanks for making another run of BLE Nano V2 boards … I placed my order.


I know how you feel. I have finished my project (Of course you are never done) using Simblee’s. They are gone or going and redbear is going out as well.
I’m stuck using Arduino right now…
But we have ordered and now on hand 500 pcs of Simblee’s. Guess I start looking again.
Had a few redbears to try and placed them in the back burner…


hello, nice to meet u