RedbearLab CC3200 not showing up on device manager


As stated above, my CC3200 board is not showing up in windows device manager. The LEDs are all working, so does this mean I have a defective board?
Thanks in advance for your help.


Could you please post the screenshot of the device manager, especially under the “COM and LPT” tag. If the USB interface is working, there should be a comport named “mbed Serial Port”.


Hello, I Have the same problem with my new PC under WINDOWS10 pro.
With Windows 8 on my old Laptop I could work with ENERGIA and the USB-RedBearCC3200Micro was shown as a COM in the DEVICE Manager.
With WIN10 this entry is missing. Only a USB-storage appears.
How can I archieve to have the RedBearCC3200 as a COM in the device manager under WIndows10 so that I can work with ENERGIA ?
Thanks for reply