Redbears always failing


I have ordered over 60 Redbear Duo’s and it seems like they always fail or get in some sort of stuck state. Ive had these problems with the Particle photon too.

After sometime of running code a few days will pass and it seems like out of nowhere it will stop working. When the redbear starts up it first starts with blinking white, as it should, then it goes straight into blinking blue, when it should go into blinking green to atempt to connect to a wifi network that was already setup on it. When this happens it will be stuck in blinking blue. It looks very much like the same blinking code as if it was in setup mode, however, it is not in setup mode, it does not briadcast BLE and no information on serial line either.

Even if i try to go into safe mode it goes straight back into blinking blue. I also cant put it in setup mode. This has happend many times out of nowhere,becuase it would always run the code fine at first.

My code is very long, the only thing i use system wise is SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) and i also use the wire library.

It would be nice to have a consistent working product, ive had many problems with photons in the past as well.

UPDATE: The photons do broadcasts a wifi network in this mode, as if its a photon in setup mode.


I have currently have 5 dead redbear duos, 2 of which are probably from shorting or something. 3 of them have this blue light blinking problem and one of them the error code is hard to even describe. It starts up and goes from white to green, then to teal blinking as if it is connecting to the server, it blinks normally about 15 times then does 2 quick blinks likes its about to connect and then flashes a red blink once, then repeats forever.

I know that there is a way to factory reset these and i would really like to know how.

The last one just starts to burn up when it is plugged in, gets insanely hot, so maybe shorted too many times or something.

On the particle IDE they release firmware updates for their devices a lot. Why is there no updates for the Duos??


Hi @nick44, Sorry for your suffering from the bad experience.

First of all, what is the system firmware version your Duo are running?

If the Duo is blinking blue, it is probably in the Listening mode (i.e. setup mode). This will happen when you manually push the setup button, as well as when there is no wifi credentials stored in the Duo when it tries to connect to AP. When it is blinking blue, does the Duo show up in the Device Manager? If it’s true, try using the serial terminal to configure WiFi credentials. As the Safe mode will also try connecting to AP, so if there is no WiFi credentials configured, it then enter Listening mode automatically.

This occurs when the device private key or the cloud public key is destroyed, in which case you have to provision the Duo and restore the cloud public key using the dfu-util as instructed here.

If your Duo is running v0.3.2 (even if you’ll see 0.3.1 due to a bug when using serial terminal to retrieve the firmware version), the Web IDE for this version isn’t ready yet.

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