Running BLE Nano with 1 AAA battery at 1.5V works! How is it possible?



I just tried to connect 1 AAA Energizer battery at 1.5V to the Vdd and GND pins of the Nano, withouth any load attached, only advertising mode and it works!!

  1. How is it possible?
  2. At which voltage is the nano expected to stop working?
  3. How long will it last if I’m only advertising a same message(disconnected mode) every 10 seconds?

Thanks in advance!!


Hi @giowild, according to the nRF51822 product specification, the trusted power source should range from 1.8v to 3.6v. The spec does not present the stop-working voltage. If you power it using 1.5v power source, it might work, but not stable. I think that is the reason why the spec not documenting this characteristic. So there is lot of unpredictable things if you power the Nano beyond the recommended voltage range.

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