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I am working with BLE peripheral devices that will advertise even while connected. My app will continue to active scan for advertisements while it maintains 1 or more connections. I have noticed that the Duo does not receive Scan Response packets from devices it is connected to.

Is this expected behavior?


Is your Duo acting as a BLE central device and keep scanning while it is connecting to a peripheral device?


Yes it is scanning while connected. SR packets arrive for other devices but not the one(s) I am connected to.


Let me clarify in case I did not understand your question…

I suspend scanning before connecting and then once connected, I resume scanning.


Hi @panda, the scan response packets from peripheral are only distributed to the central devices those send scan request to it. As the Duo is connecting to the peripheral, though it keeps scanning, the Duo won’t send scan request to the peripheral any more. Besides, make sure that the peripheral keeps broadcasting while it is connected with the Duo, so that it can be scanned and accept scan request.

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Ok, I think that clarifies it. I am using a Bluegiga stack as well and theirs can continue to get request SR packets. I can work around this I believe.