Sensor data via BLE with Arduino IDE with Redbear Nano v2 dev kit


Could you please help me out on how to read my EMG sensor values and display it via the Nrf tool box. I have a redbear nano v2 and the digital output of the sensor is received on the pin number D3 p3_0. I wish to transmit the voltage readings on to the nrf toobox to look at the number. I am working on arduino IDE as Keil doesnt integrate with the readbear IDE.

The EMG sensor emits analog signals which is connected to the ADC pin , and I need to transmit these values via ble on the NRF toolbox application.

PS I can send serial data via this code by changing the UUIDS of the Nordic uart service,
Please suggest a code if possible


Hi sid,
You can refer to this post BLE notification