Serial Monitor not working with BLE Nano 2 (Mac)


Hi, I got the BLE Nano with this debugger, I think it’s different than the ones I have seen in most of the forums and guides?
The point is that I can flash the module and everything works fine, I can interact with the module through Bluetooth, but I don’t get anything on the Serial monitor.

What I selected in Arduino is:
Board: BLE_Nano2
Programmer: RBL_DAPLink

I made sure that in Setup() { Serial.begin(9600) } and the Serial Monitor is in 9600 baud

Arduino: 1.8.3
MacOS: 10.13.6


Hi there,

I tested with that Debugger and it just works fine with the Serial Monitor, please try to short the TX and RX pins on the Debugger as a loopback test to ensure it works first.