Serial Monitor not working with BLE Nano 2



I have the kit BLE Nano 2 with DAPLink v1.5. And I am using Arduino 1.8.2. I want to use the serial monitor for debugging purpose but I can’t see anything.

I have tried with an Arduino Mega to check if the IDE had a problem but no.

I’ve checked this topic : Serial.println() doesn’t work with Serial Monitor

I am using exactly the same code, I have uploaded the latest FW and BLE Nano 2 is selected on the IDE but I still can’t make it work.

I think I am missing something obvious and simple but I don’t know what.

Hope you can help me.



Are you sure you are using the correct Baud rate? If you have the serial monitor open, try setting it to 9600 (9600 baud in bottom right corner). Run example BLE_Serial and put Serial.print(“Anything can go here”); as the first line in the loop method. Make sure Serial.begin(9600); is the first line in your setup method. Hope this gets you started.



Thanks for the answer.

Yes I am sure it is well set at 9600. I have tried what you suggested anyway and still nothing :slight_smile:

I’ve also tried Newline, CR etc.


Ah, gotcha! The only other things I can think of are to make sure you have the right port (You can check in device manager) selected and the right orientation of the BLE Nano 2 on the DAPLink… These are pretty basic solutions but it’s the best I have.


I have recently also run into a similar issue with my Particle devices.
Have you tried sending one character to the device?

For me sending one character was enough to get the output of the device show up in Serial Monitor.
Some further investigation revealed that the trouble came from the way how the virtual DTR/RTS lines are treated by Serial Monitor (depending on selected target board).

If sending one character starts the output, you could try selecting an Arduino board as build target - not for actually building but only to open Serial Monitor with the Arduino settings for DTR/RTS.


Thanks for the answer. I am sorry that I didn’t come back but I finally solved the problem.
I had a driver issue. After updating everything worked fine. Which is a bit odd in my opinion because I’ve uploaded the beacon FW , I was able to detect it through my phone.

But I hope your answer will help other people having the same issue!