[Solved] Argon/Boron as a replacement for Duo BLE Central?


We’ve been using the Duo for awhile to receive data from Bluetooth beacons. As far as I can tell, the Duo is done as of Q1 2019 (https://redbear.cc/home).

From the discussion at Particle (https://community.particle.io/t/ble-central-mode/39488/16), the new Argon won’t support BLE Central mode. This means we won’t have an equivalent offering from the particle/redbear merger?

This would be bad. Any input on this?


We have plan for BLE support on Argon/Boron and should be available before end of Q1 2019, we may not implement all BLE functions but working as a BLE Central mode to scan for Bluetooth beacons should be supported.


Thanks Chi, that would be fantastic!


I had the same concern about the Particle Mesh devices (BLE central for scanning beacons) coming from using the Duo. So this is great to hear. Thank you.