[Solved]DapLink 1.5 with nRF52840


Hi! I own a RBL DapLink 1.5 board. I’m thinking to use a 3rd party nRF52840 module in my project, as I would really benefit from USB and QSPI and I was wondering if it would be possible to program nRF52840 with the DapLink 1.5? From what I understood, it should be possible as long as I don’t use the drag & drop feature, right?


Hi dapetcu21,
As I know, you can use DapLink 1.5 to program nRF52840 and use the drag & drop feature to program too


Just making sure. As far as I know, the Github Repo only mentions nRF51822 and nRF52832, which is what RBL products use, but the CMSIS-DAP protocol should be target-independent, so it should work on the nRF52840 as well.


The DAPLink 1.5 is not nRF52840 compatible and no official support.