[Solved]Found BLE Nano v1.5 but no DAPlink will particle debugger work?


Howdy! Sorry if this has already been asked, I can’t seem to find the answer. I found a BLE Nano v1.5 but it is just by itself. I can’t find a redbear DAPlink anywhere but the redbear/particle site suggests that the Nano v2 will work with the Particle Debugger. Is that true?

If not, any suggestions on something else I should use? I’m new to this - I’ve only ever messed with Pi Zeros and such.

I appreciate your time!


Hi ummmheck,
Yes, Nano v2 is supported by Particle Debugger. And normally it should showed with DAPLINK in your computer and I tested that on Mac and windows10.


Sounds great! Will it work with the v1.5?


Yes, it will work with the v1.5 too